To graph horizontal and vertical lines. To find the intercepts of a linear equation. To use intercepts to make a quick graph of a linear equation. To find the slope of a line by using two of its points. To interpret slope as a rate of change in real-life situations. To write linear equations that represent direct variation.
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limitations of various representations Students investigate key features of linear graphs and recognize arithmetic sequences as linear functions. Some standards are repeated in units 3, 4, and 5 as they apply to quadratics and exponentials. Unit 3: In earlier grades, students define, evaluate, and compare functions, and use them to

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  • Lesson 8-4 - Khan Academy 5 Unit 3 - Solving Equations and Systems of Equations Module 8 - Lesson 8.5 - Solving Special Systems Lesson 8-5 - Khan Academy 6 Performance Tasks 7 Algebra 1 Prerequisites - Rate of Change and Graphing a Line Intro to Algebra - Khan Academy 8
  • B represent linear non-proportional situations with tables, graphs, and equations in the form of y = mx + b, where b ≠ 0; Graph a line from an equation in slope-intercept form (8-Y.6) Complete a table for a linear function (8-Z.9) Complete a table and graph a linear function (8-Z.10) Interpret points on the graph of a linear function (8-Z.11)

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To write the equation of a line given two points on the line, start by finding the slope. Remember that slope is the change in the y-values over the change in the x-values, or They like to put it in their homework to see what, you know. Okay so here we go. The first thing I'm going to do is find the slope.

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  • With a graph and two linear equations, Sal explains how to graph systems of equations. He uses a table to pick points, completes the equations, and plots the lines on the graph. This video would be appropriate as a refresher or for more...
  • In this lesson, students review the basic slope-intercept form of a line and reinforce what both linear parameters tell us. For the worksheet used in this vi...

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7WB4 - 4 2014 University of Utah Middle School Math Project in partnership with the Utah State Office of Education. Licensed under Creative Commons, cc-by.

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Finding the equation of a line tangent to a curve at a point always comes down to the following three steps: Find the derivative and use it to determine our slope He has been teaching and tutoring for the past five years, but you can also find him adventuring, reading, rock climbing, and traveling whenever...

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The equation of a line is typically written as y=mx+b where m is the slope and b is the y-intercept. Polar Plot Graphing, (x,y) point Inequalities, Graphing Inequalities, Solving Interest, Compound Multiplying Numbers, Number line comparing Numbers, Number line Numbers, Place Value Numbers...

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Unit 5: Linear Functions (6 weeks) Topic A: Modeling Linear Relationships . In Grades 6 and 7, students worked with data involving a single variable. In Unit 5, students are introduced to bivariate data. Students return tolinear functions in the context of statistics and probability as bivariate data provides support in the use of linear functions.

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(L 1.4) Solve equations 15 (L 2.1) Relation and Function 16 (L 2.3) Linear function and slope-intercept form 17 (L2.4) Linear function and point slope form 18 Check up 11 Reteach (Differentiated Remediation 19 20 21 (Linear Applications Lesson (Sample lesson plan) 22 (L2.5) Using Linear Models 23 (L2.5) Using Linear Models 24(half day)

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