A classic example of long-lasting Soviet militaria, the D-20 gun-howitzer is a familiar sight in battlefields all over the world. Although it is often overlooked when compared to current artillery pieces—self-propelled’s are all the rage right now—the D-20’s reputation as a solid, reliable, and devastating piece of work is a well-deserved one.
D20 Modern. Collection by Questing GM. The V69 Destroyer is an upgraded version of the modern mountaineering style backpack. With unconventional features and more detail than most packs in this class.
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d20 Modern Conversion: Vehicles by - Created with GM Binder. On a failed check, the vehicle may crash or the pilot may lose control. Crashing

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  • Fast and slow cars Two special vehicles, the fast and slow cars, move around the grid just like the players. Driving between vehicles As long as a character is not driving a truck or larger vehicle, they can attempt to drive between two vehicles in adjacent lanes. Use the table below to find the DC of the drive check neccessary:
  • This accessory includes the following: Weapons, bombs, grenades, and other military systems, including the lethal Mark XII Blaster. Vehicles, civilian and military, occupational and recreational, including the fun but dangerous Pogo Platform. Medical products to aid characters in their adventures, including the rare and wonderful Life Chamber.

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Jul 02, 2009 · Here are a few scratch-built Tau vehicle upgrades I made: A blacksun filter, a drone controller, and a disruption pod. The blacksun filter is made from a pulse rifle and photon grenades. I admit this looks a little funny on a tank, but I think it is clear what the item is weather on a battle suit or a tank.

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  • Jul 04, 2014 · Just Drive She Said: Impact damage suffered while in a crashing vehicle, or upon being hit by a vehicle, is halved after all other modifiers have been applied, to a minimum of 1 point of damage. Prerequisite: Intelligence or Wisdom score 8 or less. If the character should later increase the attribute score, they retain the benefit of this talent.
  • Most d20 Modern campaigns are set at Progress Level 5. Consequently, campaigns set in Earth's future typically feature societies with access to They treat their vehicles as extensions of their bodies and are most comfortable behind the wheels of skycabs or the thruster controls of cargo shuttles.

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7 This material is Open Game Content, and is licensed for public use under the terms of the Open Game License v1.0a. THE BASICS Dice Notation These rules use the following die notations:

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d20 Modern - Weapons Locker КНИГИ ;ВОЕННАЯ ИСТОРИЯ d20 Modern - Weapons Locker(d20 Campaigns: d20 Modern)Wizards of the CoastТип: pdf Формат: rarРазмер: 5,6 MBКол-во страниц: 192 pagesИзображения: черно-белыерисункиd20 Weapons Locker is an extensive collection of modern-day firearms for use in any campaign for the d20 ...

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Brahmin Cart (Fallout Supplement). Bugatti Veyron (D20 Modern Vehicle). Chryslus Rocket 69 (Fallout Supplement). Combine APC (D20 Modern Vehicle). Combine Hunter Chopper (D20 Modern Equipment). Commercial Passenger Jet Airliner (Fallout Supplement). Corvega (Fallout Supplement).

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(Modern Expansions, d20 Future, Star Wars, Dungeons and Dragons Monster Manual [3.5], etc). may be available. You are skilled at piloting vehicles and drones via remote control. Prerequisites (Aircraft): Dexterity 13, Aircraft Operation, Pilot 6 ranks.

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D20 Modern Neverwinter Nights (or D20 Modern Mod) is a modern-futuristic themed Game Mod for the first Neverwinter Nights game. It is not a true module with a plot, but an empty module giving the modder a system to create modern or futuristic adventures (single-player or multiplayer) with the Aurora Toolset, including custom scripts, items, characters classes and objects; most of this can be ...

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What resources are there for a modern campaign? I know of UA: Modern Magic, this PDF about armor and proficiencies, the weapon tables in the DMG I'm having a hard time wrapping my mind around a modern setting with fantasy elements as well as technomancy, so I'm looking for any resources that...

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