Sep 19, 2019 · Open PowerShell and right-click the title bar. From the context menu, select Properties. Go to the Font tab, and look for Cascadia Code under the list of fonts in the Font section. Select it, and click OK.
Dec 17, 2015 · Change the Windows settings so that PowerShell is the default application to launch when opening ps1 or psm1 files. Solution 2. Change the rule to block "powershell.exe" instead of "File Association" by following these steps: Login to the Bit9 Console; Open Rules -> Software Rules -> Scripts; Click the Edit icon for the PowerShell rule
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Click OK and Windows will install the ... To create a new entry, first click the New button, ... PowerShell (see Microsoft Exchange Server 2010/2013 below), thereby ...

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  • ...powershell.exe ■ If you don't want the Powershell on simple right click, create two Strings named 'NoWorkingDirectory" and 'Extended' in Powershell key!!!
  • Mar 09, 2020 · When using PowerShell make sure to use Add-MailboxFolderPermission to add new permissions and use Set-MailboxFolderPermission to change existing permissions. If you want more inspiration on PowerShell scripting or Office 365 Management please have a look at our blog .

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From here right click the share in question and select properties. From the left hand side select Settings, and tick the Encrypt data access checkbox, and click the OK button to apply the changes. Note that if we use PowerShell to enable SMB encryption for the whole server, this option will already be ticked and greyed out, it will not be ...

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  • Jan 25, 2016 · Demonstrate how create and work with GUI Forms using PowerShell. Shows how to create Forms, add labels, text boxes, panels, combo boxes, Pick Lists, and more. Shows how to populate all fields includin
  • Dec 29, 2016 · Click Apply and the parameter variable and each reference to that variable is renamed! PowerShell Studio is a mature product with lots of bells and whistles. In this article, we just highlighted a ...

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Jan 17, 2020 · Right-click on the domain name and select Enable Active Directory Recycle Bin Being that this option changes the collection structure for AD, a prompt will show that this action is irreversible. Press Ok

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Feb 13, 2017 · If you had hit Start one more time you would have gotten "Completed, result:OK". So the problem is that I cannot pass the return from runspace function to main script via IAsyncResult interface the first run after a stop. On the second uninterrupted run it gets back to normal: 1 2 Stopped 1 2 3 Completed, result: 1 2 3 Completed, result: OK Cancel

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29.09.2018 · Right-click on the Shell key and select New->Key, name it "Run with PowerShell (Admin)". Copy and paste the following command into the Value data field, and click OK.

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Apr 12, 2019 · You can also open Task Manager > File menu > Run new task. Type PowerShell and select the Create this task with administrative privileges checkbox and click OK to open an elevated PowerShell prompt. Press Shift+Ctrl+Alt and then click on the PowerShell icon to open PowerShell as administrator.

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Sep 19, 2011 · Filter the contents of the gridview to display things you are interested in, then click on a few rows. When you have selected a few, click OK! You have just passed the objects that you are interested in through the pipeline to the next cmdet which happens to be Select Name.

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