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When you are looking at a planet or sign's placement in your chart, the house it's in will tell you exactly which area of your life will be affected by its energy. Every facet of your life is represented in the 12 houses, from your love life and daily routine to your health, family, money, and more.
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May 25, 2020 · Retrogrades in astrology are generally associated with mishaps and slowdowns—so you might find yourself a little put off if you notice, as I just did, a little "R" next to certain planets on your bi

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  • Apr 24, 2019 · Mangal Dosha has grown to be a frequently found dosha or astrological drawback.The planet Mars is known as Mangal or Kuja in the ancient Sanskrit language. An astrological situation when the planet Mars exists in the 1st, 2nd, 4th, 7th, 8th and 12th house of a person’s horoscope chart is commonly called as Mangal Dosha.

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The first house is the house of identity, first impressions, and your outer appearance. When having any planets in the 1st house that planet tends to have a more noticable energy. So with having your Solar Return Venus in the 1st house can mean that you may value how you look, you may tend to look really put together the majority of the year.

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  • Planets are not the only influence in the eighth house. The solar return, progressions, and directions can also indicate the activation of the death aspect. Once the eighth house has been activated, there is a good chance that the other malefic houses (sixth and twelfth) will be activated, as will be the fourth house (the house of endings).
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The planets' positions in the houses can imply what sort of friendships or jobs we'll have, but, more generally, they reveal where we will focus most of our energy. In other words, if your 10th ...

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The planet Saturn is the lord of the 1 st house and 2 nd house that organizes health, wealth, money and family affairs. During the phase of Saturn, you will have all sorts of comforts. You will have success in house, saving, social status, knowledge and contacts with people etc.

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when Jupiter placed in twelfth house of horoscope and forth house also damaged with bad planets like Saturn or Rahu, the person will have heart problems. if Jupiter is positive in horoscope, the person will be a trawler, scientist, lazy and expensive, such person can get success in field of editing.

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The signs and planets in the 8th house reveal whether you might marry someone wealthy, receive an inheritance or have lucrative business partnerships. Conversely, it can show if you’ll marry someone who will declare bankruptcy, get in trouble for tax evasion, or have terrible luck with business partners.

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Ceres in the Eighth House: You poor thing. You need sex to feel nurtured. Oh well, we each have our cross to bear. Carry on (and I'm sure you will). Actually, you might also nurture your partner with this one. The 8th house also rules other things besides sex.

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