1.hydrogen, from +1 to 0 2.manganese, from +7 to +2 correct 3.iodine, from −1 to 0 4.iodine, from −10 to −5 5.oxygen, from −1 to −2 Explanation: 002 5.0points Silver is plated on copper by immersing a piece of copper into a solution containing sil-ver(I) ions. In the plating reaction, copper 1.is reduced and is the reducing agent.
Catalysts increase reaction rates. Catalysts don’t themselves become chemically changed, and they don’t alter the amount of product a reaction can eventually produce (the yield). An example from early childhood fits here. When you’re learning to ride a bike, you might get a push from your parents to help you get going.
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Even you are surprised that you are being nice to him. Even though he has punished you, he does still treat you right. Ignoring that tingly feeling in your "So, I'm not being too much?" You tried to hold the smirk you were wanting to show. Yes, you loved Jimin's attention even though he kidnapped you...

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  • 1. Combination. A combination reaction is one in which two or more substances (the reactants) are combined directly to form a single product (the product). An example is the reaction in which sodium (Na) combines with chlorine (Cl 2 ) to form sodium chloride, or table salt (NaCl).
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Nov 22, 2010 · We see that a reactor volume of 0.1 m 3 is necessary to convert 90% of species A entering into product B for the parameters given. Analysis: For this irreversible liquid-phase first order reaction (i.e., –r A = kC A) being carried out in a PFR, the concentration of the reactant decreases exponentially down the length (i.e., volume V) of

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  • The result of #2 would be reasonable if you had not been told that the reaction was occurring in aqueous solution. In aqueous solution, the products should have been those of #1, since ammonium nitrate is freely soluble in water.
  • Dec 04, 2020 · The group debuted in 2013 but was training with Big Hit Entertainment for several years prior to their first album being released. Each BTS member was specifically selected to complete the group ...

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The reaction rate will increase with increasing substrate concentration, but must asymptotically approach the saturation rate, V max. V max is directly proportional to the total enzyme concentration, E, and the cata lytic constant of the enzyme, k cat, which describes the frequency at which the enzyme-substrate complex is converted to product.

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Equity Theory. Imagine that you are paid $10 an hour working as an office assistant. You have held this job for 6 months. You are very good at what you do, you come up with creative ways to make things easier around you, and you are a good colleague who is willing to help others.

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Another example: Chromium has a configuration of [Ar]4s 1 3d 5, although you would expect to see four d electrons instead of five. This is because an s electron has jumped into the d orbital, giving the atom two half-full shells—much more stable than a d orbital with only four electrons.

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Kohl's is the latest business to shut its doors due to the coronavirus outbreak.. The store announced that as of Thursday night, it will temporarily close all stores nationwide. As of now, the ...

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With the current estimate for the concentration of gold in sea water as 10 ng-1 and the total volume of the oceans at 1.37 x 10 9 km 3, then the total quantity of gold dissolved in sea water is calculated to be 13.7 million tons. A lot of gold, but not extractable on a commercial basis as yet.

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