Alison Ann "Alie" Ward (born November 6, 1976) is an American writer, actress, and television and podcast host. Ward was born Alison Ann Ward in San Francisco, California to Nancy, an accountant, and Lawrence, a journalist and news broadcaster. She has two older sisters, Celeste and Janelle.
Alie Ward is a Daytime Emmy Award-winning science correspondent for CBS's "The Henry Ford's Daytime Emmy Award-winning Science Correspondent, Podcaster and TV Host Alie Ward talks about...
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  • Q&A for those interested in the study of the fundamental nature of knowledge, reality, and existence
  • Update! This episode posted on Tuesday per usual, then somehow un-published itself! Weird. Harrumph!It’s been a rough week for ol' Dadward VonPodcast, including a technical difficulty that left her behind, so she asked listeners if they would rather have a bizzaro minisode that involved a 30-40 minute rant about raw tomatoes or an AMA, and guess what: here’s both, sort of.

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Alie Christensen är av svenskt och italienskt ursprung och David Christensen ... ... uma infestação é porque ela já é grande . Alie - se a este fato que muitas das causas de ...

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  • Alie Ward with a dog on 7 October 2018 ( Photo: Instagram) She is 42 years old, and her fans are curious to know when is she getting in a relationship. However, there are so many factors that affect a celebrity’s net worth, such as taxes, management fees, investments or losses, marriage, divorce, etc.
  • Alie Ward was born as Alison Ann Ward in San Franciso, California on November 6, 1976. Alison Ward has been in a relationship with Chris Evans (1986 - 1989).

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Apr 11, 2012 - love is... holding on to every precious moment...

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Alie Ward talking about Daniel Craig and generally being the greatest. #erin gibson #this week in comedy #ed crasnick #alie ward #georgia hardstark #alie and georgia #mcnuggetini #funny ladies...

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"For those of us who are more scientifically-minded (or just curious!), check out the "Ologies" podcast, hosted by Alie Ward. Each episode dives into an often very niche scientific -ology. Alie does such a great job of making easy-to-digest and entertaining content. Plus, supporting women who communicate science is always a big win in my book!"

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Single zookeeper here. I will take all of the help I can get, Alie! But the best relationship advice I remember is from my sister who said “there are some days where I want to punch him (her husband) in the face. But I don’t because he is my plans next week, next month, next year.”

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Dr. Wescott was recently featured in Ologies with Alie Ward, a comedic science podcast, where they discussed Osteology and the Forensic Anthropology Research Center (FACTS). You can listen to the poscast at

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Squids. Cuttlefish. Octopusseseses. The world's most impassioned squid nerd, Sarah McAnulty, gets locked in a basement with Alie to talk about cephalopods, alien DNA, camouflage, invisibility cloaks, why cute things make us insane, terrible mating strategies, cute and clever ones and why she is so charmed by squid. Also addressed: Philly accents and the Kraken.Become a patron for as little as ...

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