Jun 24, 2009 · The 44 mag is not for every one, I can fire 320 gr bear loads in my 44 mags one handed some cant with two hands. Your gun must fit you. I knew a fellow who used a 38 special and killed deer with +P 38 special but never shot one over 30 yards, he never lost one.
Apr 20, 2014 · Plinking is a distinctly American pastime. So this video offers answers to the questions: 44 Magnum for Plinking? and How can you plink in a range that does not allow non-standard targets?
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WST is getting pretty fast for the.44. We do use 231 for light cast loads in the.41Mag so I suspect it should work okay as a fast-burner in the.44 too. Going by the Hodgdon online manual, the 11gr max load will give you 1300fps which will probably cause some pretty serious leading with the Meister bullets.

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  • The .44 Magnum is a fraud, being a .429 in true caliber, while the .41 Magnum is the real McCoy. With comparable loads, the .41 Magnum can do anything the .44 Magnum can do, and it is a real survivor. The popularity of the .41-caliber Magnum seems to ebb and flow, but those who have stuck with it make it as versatile a choice as its siblings.
  • Description. The Magnum Research Desert Eagle is a semi-automatic large-frame pistol chambered in .357 Mag., .44 Mag. and .50 AE. The Desert Eagle is a popular line … It’s best to avoid magnum loads if possible. Overall, ammunition used for general plinking … and the 115-grain American Eagle 9mm Luger is a perfect example.

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Nov 15, 2011 · Unique is not for magnum loads. It will make great mid-range loads. The kind you can shoot all day long. A 240g LSWC at about 1000 fps is a good everyday working load. It is not a hunting load, but great for shooting cans and other stuff while you are out plinking. For the romper stompers, try 2400, it is an old, proven loading.

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  • 10 new 44 Mag Pistol For Sale results have been found in the last 90 days, which means that every 9, a new 44 Mag Pistol For Sale result is figured out. As Couponxoo’s tracking, online shoppers can recently get a save of 50% on average by using our coupons for shopping at 44 Mag Pistol For Sale .
  • Most popular ammunition for the .44 Mag. will use bullet weights between 180 grains and 300 grains, with some offerings both above and below those weights. Being one of our most popular revolver cartridges, there are some fantastic bullet choices for the .44 Mag., for plinking, hunting, and for self-defense alike.

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Oct 29, 2014 · 6.5 mm Remington Magnum: 6.5 x 68 Schuler.264 Winchester Magnum: 6.8 mm Remington SPC.270 Winchester.270 WSM (Winchester Short Magnum).270 Weatherby Magnum: 7-30 Waters: 7 mm-08 Remington: 7 x 57 Mauser (.275 Rigby).284 Winchester: 7 x 64 Brenneke: 7 x 65R.280 Remington: 7mm WSM (Winchester Short Magnum) 7 mm Remington SA Ultra Mag.275 H&H ...

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357 mag plinking- a .380 acp full of Unique over the same bullet (I think it was 6 grains, but not certain). Standard primers. 38 splc load- 4.2 grain s Unique, standard SPP, 158 "cowboy" cast roundnose from MO Bullet Co. 44 Mag- 18.5 grain s AA9, standard LPP, 240 grain cast SWC from (you guessed it) MO bullet co.

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38 Special bullets for sale. Bullets in bulk for sale with Priority Free Shipping. We have a good selection of 38 Special Bullets and 357 Magnum Bullets.

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My favorite "plinking" load for.44 Mag. is a 240 grains SWC cast bullet in front of 8.5 grains of Unique, and a Large Pistol Primer. Lots of fun and still has enough "whoomp" that if in a pinch, it would suffice.

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44 MAG Brass: The most powerful commercial handgun cartridge for several years, the .44 Magnum is still one of the most popular handgun cartridges in the world. Almost every major handgun manufacturer produces a firearm in this caliber. It is also availab

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